The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Summer Camp Pack List

Summer camp is a tried and true tradition for kids growing up in America. Whether it’s a sports camp at the local high school or college, a day camp with horseback riding and swimming, or a sleepaway camp filled with s’mores flavored memories, there’s no denying that this is one of the best parts of childhood summers. As sign up times come to a close and first days approach, make sure you pack everything your little ones need with this handy list.


Day Camp Pack List

For campers who will be coming home at the end of each afternoon, the packing list will be a lot shorter and simpler than one for overnight camps. While there will be some variations to accommodate for different climates and camp themes, most of the list is universal.

Send them in…

  1. Activewear your child will be comfortable moving in
  2. Tennis shoes or other appropriate footwear (typically excludes open toed shoes)
  3. An application of natural sunscreen

Send them with…

  1. A sturdy backpack or similar bag
  2. Necessary equipment for specialty camps- particularly sports camps
  3. Plenty of high SPF Zinka sunscreen which comes in fun colors
  4. Organic Greenerways bug spray
  5. A hat and sunglasses for added sun protection
  6. An Earth Lust reusable water bottle to fill throughout the day
  7. A swimsuit
  8. Bubble & Bee organic lip balm and lotion
  9. Any needed medication
  10. An umbrella for inclement weather
  11. A windbreaker for cooler climates
  12. A towel for swimming or for keeping cool
  13. A healthy lunch in a cooler that can withstand hours of room temperature or outdoor storage
  14. Snacks for the morning and afternoon like Rhythm Superfoods
  15. Extra socks and underwear just in case (make sure to pack these where they won’t be found by fellow campers who may make fun)

Overnight Camp Pack List

For little ones going to sleepaway camp, the list gets a little bit longer, especially if the term is a standard eight weeks.


  1. Nine mix and match outfits and underwear (this number should increase in relation to the duration of camp and how available laundry services are)
  2. Three to five sets of pajamas
  3. Two to four towels for swimming and showering
  4. Appropriate footwear for camp activities i.e. tennis shoes for general use, flip flops for showering and swimming, as well as hiking/riding/sports shoes if needed
  5. A Hae Now plain white t-shirt for other campers to sign on the last day


  1. A set of sheets to fit your camper’s bed (this information will be on the camp’s website
  2. A sleeping bag
  3. A light blanket
  4. One to two pillows with cases


  1. Lush shampoo and conditioner bars
  2. Lush body and face wash
  3. Lush deodorant, especially for your preteens
  4. Travel toothbrush and toothpaste
  5. Hair brush or comb
  6. Razor for your preteen shavers
  7. A dorm style toiletry tote
  8. A mini first aid kit including band aids, CUROXEN with Vitamin D for Kids, tweezers, and alcohol wipes


  1. Make sure to include nonelectronic entertainment like books, coloring books, magazines, cards, games, etc
  2. Makeup and nail polish for late night makeovers Physician’s Formula
  3. Letters from home to remind them how much you love them
  4. Their favorite snack like World Peas

With a little preparation and lots of love, you can make sure to send your kid to camp with everything they need to form lasting memories.

Summer Camp Packing List

For a printable version of the packing lists, click here.

Summer Camp Packing List


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