Safety Tips for Incident Free Memorial Day

Memorial Day is coming, and with it the first opportunity of the summer season to venture outside for a day spent with friends and family. From grilling at the park to splashing around in the lake, there are endless ways to enjoy the holiday and remember those who died for our freedom. Unfortunately, there are also just as many ways to get cut, scraped, and/or burned. Staying vigilant and taking precautions are great ways to keep yourself and your family safe. However, for those inevitable minor wounds, CUROXEN will be there to kill germs and promote healing with all-natural ingredients.


Keep it safe


Taking a few extra steps to ensure that you are aware of your surroundings and can minimize the potential for accidents can be the difference between fun in the sun and a day at the minute clinic.

Don’t feel the burn

Grilling accidents are a commonality on Memorial Day as one of the tentpoles of the holiday is consuming freshly cooked hot dogs and burgers. To lower the risk of creating a fire or healing a minor burn

  1. Scrub off any and all grease from the previous cookout
  2. Don’t grill on or near a surface that can easily catch fire (i.e. garages or on dry grass)
  3. Check all connectors and tubes for any holes or blockage
  4. Keep any open flames, including cigarettes , away from the grill

 Keep it down

Food safety is just as important as grill safety on Memorial Day. Under-cooked beef can not only cause food poisoning, in extreme cases it can lead to mad cow disease. Similarly, poorly cooked chicken is a breading ground for salmonella. To lower the risk of getting sick…

  1. Cook all meat thoroughly and to the recommended temperature (145 for beef, 165 for chicken)
  2. Keep the meat properly refrigerated until it’s time to cook
  3. Don’t leave uncooked meat near other foods where it can cross contaminate bacteria

Don’t get eaten

While zombies are still a work of the imagination, you’re still likely to get eaten alive by bugs- most notably mosquitoes. At minimum, a bug bite is an itchy annoyance, but there’s also a risk or much harsher outcomes through transferred diseases. To lower the risk of getting eaten…

  1. Wear all-natural bug spray to deter them from biting you
  2. Use perimeter defenses like citronella candles to keep the bugs out of the area all together
  3. For those with allergies, keep your EpiPen with you at all times and let your companions know to use it in the event you become incapacitated.

Become a road warrior

A staggering amount of injuries and fatalities occur on Memorial Day weekend roads. With so many people drinking in the sun, they’re likely to either make the conscious decision to drink and drive, or severely overestimate their capacity to operate a vehicle. To lower your risk of being in an accident…

  1. Make plans ahead of time to secure a sober ride if you know you’ll be drinking, or set a limit of 1-2 drinks depending on the length of time you’ll be out.
  2. Do not drive with someone who has had too much to drink and don’t allow friends and family to drive drunk
  3. Always where your seatbelt
  4. Pay extra attention to the road and the drivers around you to anticipate poor driving decisions so you can react accordingly
  5. Keep a roadside safety kit in the trunk in the event of other roadside emergencies

Keep your head above water

Water activities are just as much of a Memorial Day component as grilling, so ensuring that you can handle the pool, open fresh water, or the ocean abyss is imperative to a safe holiday. To lower the risk of drowning…

  1. Know your limits. If you’re a floater who only dog paddles, don’t wade too far out into open water, stick to waist deep.
  2. Don’t swim in deep water while intoxicated
  3. Be wary of the fauna living in the water and be on the lookout for any dangerous wildlife
  4. Make sure there’s a responsible, trustworthy person supervising the swimming area
  5. Wear life vests if you go out on a boat
  6. Have a plan for if things go array during wakeboarding, waterskiing, and tubing

Have fun in the sun

UV rays can not only cause horribly painful sunburns, they can also lead to much worse if sun exposure is too prolonged without proper protection. To lower the risk of burning…

  1. Continuously lather on sunscreen with the recommended SPF for your body type
  2. Wait 30 minutes before going into water to ensure it does not wash off
  3. Reapply every two hours and after any intense sweating or swimming

By taking a few additional steps, you can make sure everyone makes it through the day without incident!




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