Why Everyone Needs to Be Aware of Allergies

In this A Day In The Life video, families from New Zealand share pictures of their children who have had allergic reactions to foods or other substances for Allergy Awareness Week. It highlights the importance of protecting our children from known allergens and educating others that even a “little bit” of what someone is allergic to can cause real harm.

For children and adults who have allergies, there is no safe limit of how much they can be exposed to before reacting. Even a “little bit” can make a child or adult seriously ill and even cause death if they suffer anaphylaxis.

Children who have allergies are often allergic to more than one thing, so it pays to avoid known allergens which they haven’t previously been exposed to. This can require a little more research before you buy foods or topical products and a good understanding of labels. Asking the pharmacist or looking up products online is a good place to start. You can also download allergy apps to your phone to get information on the go.

From Sensitivities to Severe Allergic Reactions

Being “allergic” to certain foods and products is a commonly used term. However, there is a difference between being “allergic” to something versus simply being “sensitive.” While true allergic reactions tend to be serious, potentially life threatening health situations, sensitivities to foods, chemicals, fibers, and other environmental conditions can lead to less dangerous yet highly uncomfortable symptoms and side effects that can diminish one’s quality of life.

Many commonly used health products, such as triple antibiotic ointments, or “TAOs,” are in fact quite allergenic for a large proportion of the population. For example, Neomycin, the leading medication in bestselling triple antibiotic ointments on the market today, was unceremoniously “awarded” the Contact Allergen of the Year by the American Contact Dermatitis Society (ACDS) in 2010. In total, 10 percent of triple antibiotic ointment users are adversely affected by antibiotics such as Neomycin — a high number considering the wide ranging use of these products. Additionally, bacitraycin, stand-alone topical wound care antimicrobial, was also named allergen of the year. Whether an “adverse reaction” after using one of these products on your child or loved one is mild or severe, no one knows until they risk using the product.

The All-Natural Route

While its true that natural ingredients can provoke allergic reactions, all-natural alternatives to processed and synthetic chemicals and agents can offer hypoallergenic options to consumers who want to avoid allergic reactions. As an example, 100% all-natural CUROXEN provides stronger, more effective wound care than triple-acting ointments simply by harnessing the antimicrobial power of olive oil.

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