Why Does CUROXEN Liquefy in Summer?

You may notice when the weather becomes warmer that when you reach for your tube of CUROXEN to apply to a cut or graze, it looks and feels a bit watery and runny when it comes out — sometimes offering a different consistency from what consumers are traditionally accustomed to with wound care ointments. Fear not, however — this is not a problem with the product and is easily remedied.

Because CUROXEN is made solely with natural organic products, we refuse to add in petrochemicals like petroleum jelly (or petrolatum). Petrolatum is used in many topical ointments because it helps to bind and thicken the ingredients so that it can be smoothed onto the skin easily, creating a thick, viscous texture to the ointment. There is, however, a trade-off for adding petroleum jelly and other thickeners to antimicrobial products, since Petrolatum is made from a by-product of the oil industry (gross!).

How To Make CUROXEN Thicker

In the summer months as the temperature rises, the texture of CUROXEN will change if not kept below 77ºF. This change in texture will not affect the effectiveness of the ointment in any way, but some may find the consistency to be runny and more liquefied.

If you prefer the ointment to be a thicker texture, simply pop it in the refrigerator for ten to twenty minutes to help firm up the ointment. After this, your tube of CUROXEN can continue to be stored at room temperature until it’s needed again.

The optimum temperature for storing CUROXEN and other ointments is between 68ºF and 77ºF, but there will be times during the summer when the ambient temperature is higher. Always store medicines and ointments in a cool, dark place away from any heat sources such as windows, cooking equipment, and places where steam can penetrate.

If you follow this simple and easy tip, your CUROXEN should be the consistency you want during the summer months!

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