How Does the Body Deal With Bacterial Infections?

The immune system is an incredibly complex and efficient biological mechanism for most people. It can help protect the body by killing viruses and bacteria and keeping you healthy. But how does it work? In this animated video from Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell, we find out that the immune system is made up of different cells that all play a major role in protecting the body from invading bacteria and viruses.

Viruses such as coughs and colds occur regularly and are passed from person to person. The immune system fights off these viruses by making antibodies. Bacterial infections can occur for a wide range of reasons, from an open wound becoming infected to the consumption of harmful bacteria through food or water, or through sexual activity. For the most part, the human immune system is more than equipped to deal with these bacteria, but some more harmful strains of bacteria can lead to serious illness such as food poisoning, pneumonia and meningitis.

When this occurs, the immune system needs help, and antibiotics are used to give the immune system a boost when it comes to fighting bacteria. However, people must be careful not to over-rely on antibiotics as the bacteria can become immune to them.

When people think of “antibiotics,” they usually think of the type of medicine a doctor prescribes. However, antibiotic and antibacterial health and sanitation products also exist over the counter which can contribute to bacterial resistance. Earlier this year, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned the sale of antibacterial soaps in the U.S., stating that the products can lead to antibacterial resistance.

Topical ointments for cleansing and treating wounds often contain antibacterial agents as well, which can also contribute to the development of treatment-resistant “superbugs.” Fortunately, in the case of topical ointments, organic, all-natural alternatives have been developed that can safely and effectively kill bacteria and treat wounds without contributing to the antibacterial resistance epidemic.

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