CUROXEN: The First All-Natural First Aid Ointment Debuts at Natural Products Expo West 2017

CUROXEN: The First All-Natural First Aid Ointment Debuts at Natural Products Expo West 20172018-08-14T21:13:29+00:00

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CUROXEN: The First All-Natural First Aid Ointment – Proven More Effective At Killing Germs – Debuts at Natural Products Expo West 2017

CUROXEN by OrganiCare is Proven to Kill Over Five Times More* Germs than the Leading First Aid Ointments Currently Available

According to OrganiCare CEO and Co-Founder, Caroline Goodner, “We think CUROXEN is the product that will disrupt the rather stagnant market for first aid ointments, a category that has not seen innovation in a very long time.” With the First Aid market sized at 3.5 billion dollars and first aid ointments and bandages comprising over 50.7 % of the total first aid category, any market disruption has the potential to shift consumer behavior away from standards commonly accepted in OTC healthcare products. These existing products are typically comprised of petrochemicals and artificial antibiotics known to cause allergic reactions in some cases. Exposing consumers unnecessarily to antibiotics is a known precursor to antibiotic resistance.

“We are not setting out to be a specialty or niche product, “stated Chairman and Co-Founder, David Shockley. “With CUROXEN, we see the potential to shift consumer behavior away from big box brands that dominate the OTC healthcare market. Our mission is to dispel the notion that all-natural homeopathic products are not as effective as their chemical-laden counterparts. We believe CUROXEN will set the new standard for all-natural healthcare products”

These co-founders have a big mission but each has the track record of entrepreneurial success in related fields to back up their vision. As the founder and CEO of two genetics companies, MendelWorks, a mouse genotyping laboratory, and Identigene, a DNA identification laboratory, Goodner brings scientific rigor and standards to any product OrganiCare creates and markets. In addition, during her tenure as CEO of UpSpring Baby, a consumer products company, Goodner successfully addressed health, beauty and wellness products and services for moms and babies. Shockley is the founder and CEO at International Biophysics Corporation (IBC), a global company that specializes in delivering science-inspired medical-device innovation across a broad spectrum of markets for over 25 years.

OrganiCare is a privately funded start-up company based in Austin, Texas. CUROXEN is their first all-natural, organic OTC healthcare product to be introduced. CUROXEN is currently available online at Amazon and is slated for distribution in major drugstores and grocery retailers nationwide, including all 230 Meijer Stores located throughout the Midwest, 50 ShopRite stores located throughout Northeast cities and the 150 top H-E-B stores located throughout Texas.

CUROXEN will debut at Natural Products Expo West 2017 in Anaheim on March 9-11, 2017 at the New Products Showcase located in the Marriott Ballroom (Booth M220). Learn more at

*In vitro bacteria log reduction testing was performed according to ASTM E2315, an FDA-recognized standard, by Nelson Laboratories, a certified, independent laboratory. Bacteria levels were measured after one hour of contact with the product. See complete chart of results at

About OrganiCare
Founded in 2016 in Austin, Texas, OrganiCare’s company mission is to create incredibly effective, all-natural and organic products that address a market need not currently being served in the OTC healthcare space. OrganiCare’s first product to market is CUROXEN, a first aid ointment that is natural, organic and proven over five times stronger at killing germs than any first aid ointment available on the market.