Introducing OrganiCare’s New Products

Introducing OrganiCare’s New Products2018-08-14T21:13:04+00:00

CUROXEN with Vitamin D for Kids: 

  • • Kills 5x more bacteria than antibiotic ointments like Neosporin
    All-Natural & Organic ingredients – oxygenated olive oil, calendula, Vitamin D, and lavender essential oil
    There is a startling increase in the frequency of kids with a severe Vitamin D deficiency
    Won’t cause allergic reactions like Neosporin
    Since CUROXEN is all-natural and contains no synthetic antibiotics, CUROXEN won’t lead to antibiotic resistance

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CUROXEN Mouth Sore Treatment:

  • • All-Natural & Organic ingredients – clove essential oil, oxygenated olive oil, calendula, pure cinnamon essential oil
  • • Relieves pain, speeds healing, and fights infections
  • • No hidden “inactive” ingredients found in best-selling oral pain relievers, such as polyethylene glycol & propylene glycol, both found in antifreeze.
  • • Use of Benzocaine (the primary active ingredient in Orajel) is associated with a rare, but serious and potentially fatal disorder called methemoglobinemia according to the FDA.
  • • Can use CUROXEN Oral as often as needed. Maximum safe dosage of Orajel is only 4 times daily. 

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FemiClear 2 Day Yeast Infection Treatment:

  • • All-Natural & Organic ingredients – Oxygenated olive oil, calendula, melaleuca, lavendar essential oil
  • • Proven more powerful at killing yeast than Monistat 1, Monistat 3, Monistat 7, and Vagistat 3
  • • Only 2 Days – Shortest remedy that is also effective
  • • Treats most vaginal Yeast Infections
  • • Relieves external symptoms fast!

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