Natural Relief from Oral Cancer Mouth Sores

Oral cancer is a terrible affliction that tens of thousands a year suffer from. With a projected 51,540 people being diagnosed with the disease this year, pains and complications from both the cancer and its rigorous treatment plan are numerous. One of the most common physical problems people with oral cancer face are mouth sores that are both highly painful and a breeding ground for germs, something a compromised immune system cannot handle.

Thankfully, there are products like CUROXEN Oral Care to help relieve the pain and promote healing without putting more pharmaceuticals and chemicals into your body.

The problem with mouth sores


Mouth sores are painful and affect a majority of the population. However, the typical canker sore will heal within a few days and be a minor annoyance, but for those with oral cancer, they’re a near constant concern making even drinking water trying.


What causes them?


While typical mouth sores are formed as a result of small cuts in the mouth or from consuming too many acidic foods or drinks, oral cancer sores are a different beast. Generally, oral cancer caused mouth sores stem from radiation and chemotherapy treatments and can linger far longer than ones caused by cuts.


Why there’s concern


Open mouth sores are easy access for germs to enter the bloodstream as our mouths are home to a plethora of bacteria, so having even one sore can leave you more open to infection. That’s why numbing creams like Orajel don’t go as far as they need to. Thankfully, CUROXEN Oral Care not only numbs pain with all-natural ingredients like clove oil, it also kills a tremendous amount of germs.


How to treat


1.      Use a salt water rinse to gently cleanse the mouth

2.      Apply CURXOEN Oral Care to the affected areas using a clean q-tip

3.      Repeat as many times as needed



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