How to Care for Your Son After Circumcision

Circumcisions often worry new parents. They’re unsure how to look after their little boy following the procedure and what to do to ensure his penis is kept clean and healthy.

However, parents needn’t worry. Looking after a circumcision is a fairly straightforward process and the penis is usually fully healed in 7 to 10 days.

1. Remove the gauze

It’s probable that the doctor will have wrapped your son’s penis in gauze. The bandage will usually fall off when he urinates, but if not, soak the gauze with warm sterile water and gently peel the gauze away.

2. Keep it clean

Keeping your baby’s penis clean is essential to help the recovery process. Since it’ll be hidden away in a diaper, you’ll need to clean his penis at every change. Warm, sterile water with a cotton ball or pad is the best job for this — soap can irritate his sensitive skin. You will find that a yellow film develops over the surgery site; this is perfectly normal and part of the healing process. Take care not to disturb the film.

3. Apply CUROXEN first aid ointment

This is an extremely sensitive area of the body so you should take care in choosing a product that’s made from natural ingredients and is hypoallergenic. Avoid products (such as Neosporin) with neomycin and bacitracin as they are well-known allergens. Choosing a natural oil-based product will help prevent your son’s penis from sticking to his diaper without having to resort to using petroleum-based products which don’t allow the skin to breathe.

CUROXEN is made from 100 percent natural, organic ingredients which promote healing and are anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, perfect for protecting your newborn son.


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4. Put on a fresh diaper

When putting on a fresh diaper, ensure that it’s loose enough not to rub against the affected area.

5. Check the area for infection

If you have kept your son’s penis clean and applied CUROXEN, it’s unlikely there will be any problems. However, check the penis at every diaper change for discharge, bleeding (past the first couple of hours), redness or swelling (after a few days), and trouble urinating. If you spot any of these signs, or your son develops a fever following his circumcision, contact your doctor.


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